How To Do a Kickstarter (Short Version)

I hate most crowdfunding.  It’s not really that I have a problem with the concept, but most people irritate me with they way they ask for my money.  It’s like you’re asking ME for money so that you can start a business in which you keep making money, and I get an overpriced ______.  So you should at least try to seduce me a little and not just be a bunch of annoying, entitled 20 something year olds.  Show me that you care.  Show me this is real.  Show me that I’m not just a sucker and a means to an end.  Make me feel like I’m a part of something special, not just something special to you, but to me and the rest of the world.

"Here, I'm giving you 2 bits for your project.  Please don't hate me." -Me every time I donate to a friend

“Here, I’m giving you 2 bits for your project. Please don’t hate me.  I’d give you more, but Wells Fargo lent me that money so I can go to school.” -Me every time I donate to a friend

How do you do that?  Here are some Cliff Notes that should help.  Later I’ll do a more expanded post focusing on the videos, perks, & e-mails.


1. Look like you’re serious (If your project is fun, show that you’re serious about fun).

2. Look like you’ve actually put some of your own money into this project (at least INVEST IN YOUR VIDEO!)

3. Look like you would actually invest in this project yourself.

4. Look like you aren’t just asking someone to pay the rent and buy you Taco Bell while you make art.


1. Don’t look like you’re trying to get other people to cover your investment costs while you reap all of the benefits.


3. Be appreciative of ANY donation.


1. Don’t pan handle.  A donation should get the donor (no matter how small) something if possible.  Ideally use advance sales of the product or discounts towards purchases of the product.

2. Give people something they would want.

3. Explain to people why your project is something they should believe in and support.

4. If you can, your perks can be used to endorse your product (ie. Free trials, posters, stickers, etc.)


So I have to say, my friends Niree Perian, Susannah Luthi, and Kai Chan have done a textbook PERFECT job in all of these criteria with their crowdfunded project of Connu.  You don’t have to donate (though you should if you can) but at least look at how well executed their campaign is and use this as a model for your own projects.

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