Spike Writing a Letter

“Dear Guy on the Internet,
Your free advice contradicts my current belief system or is offensive. I would like to get into a civil discourse in which I will ignore what you are saying and assert that I am right. You will concede, because I am right, or because it is a better use of your time. You’re ugly.
Your friend,
P.S. Can you please look at my manuscript?”




If you have any questions about any of the concepts brought up in the blog, would like to suggest a topic, or have any questions about your writing, please send me an e-mail.  I’d love to help.  I’m currently not open to collaborating with any personal writing projects (Sorry, I have my thesis to finish), but am a little more open to helping with My Little Pony related videos (Hint: offer me a chance to voice a pony, and I’ll do anything, EG. wash your laundry, clean your room, help you with your unfinished novel).

If you’d like to contact me about anything please use this e-mail:

mlpwritingismagic [at] gmail [dot] com

Can you give me feedback on my manuscript?  Unfortunately as a rule I will not be editing, reviewing, or otherwise looking at manuscripts from strangers online.  Other than the time component, many people want different things from editors.  Perfectly good editors might not be a right fit for certain people.  I don’t want my readers hating me or thinking less of what I have to say because I suggested a change that they didn’t agree with.  There’s nothing worse than volunteering to help someone and having it backfire, which happens all the time when you criticize people’s babies (their manuscripts).

Although, I am currently poor and will edit for pay.  I am currently currently accepting submissions.

My prices are based upon how much time and energy it would take to edit the work while being fair to how much money would be made if the piece was sold.  I cannot guarantee that your piece will get sold.

All margins 1″  All paper sizes US Letter (8.5″X11″)

Lined Poetry (Single Spaced 12 pt Times): $3 for the first page. $1 for each additional page. Max 5 pages.

Prose Poetry (Single Spaced 12 pt Times): $2 for the first half page.  $1 for each additional half page. Max 2 pages

Short Stories (Double Spaced 12 pt Times): $5 for the first page.  $1 for each additional page. Max 35 pages

Novella-Novel (Double Spaced 12 pt Times): $0.10 a word for first 50,000 words. $0.20 a word after that (includes 2 revisions).  Max 150,000 words.

Screenplay (Properly Formatted): $1 per page.

Before commissioning me, try to draft your work as far as you can first.

10 + 14 =