Poetry Publications (Brief Bragging)

People say that there’s no money in poetry.  That’s reasonably true.  Last year I’ve made about $75 publishing poetry.  I’ve gotten 3 poems published in 2 places.  I submitted to 20 places, giving me a 10% acceptance rate.  I don’t mean to brag, but these are EXCEPTIONAL numbers.  Yet, I wouldn’t be able to buy the new Animal Crossing and guide book with it.

Perceptions Magazine of the Arts

The first publication took two of my pieces and is available now…I-I really don’t know how you get one though.  There’s no place to buy it on their new website.  Anyway, my poem “Fanajeen” won their poetry award and is on their website.  They also published my poem “The Roomba Suicide.”  Since you can’t buy it, and its been awhile, I don’t see anything wrong with doing this.

It's a crazy idea got me into this anthology.

The first one will be released this fall in a print anthology by Red Bridge Press called Writing the Risks: Volume 1.  It is a fledgling anthology from a fledgling press which celebrate writing that pushed the limits of the established paradigms of the writing business.

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