Everfree Fans

Everfree was such an amazing weekend.  I’m so glad that so many people came to my panels.  The turn out was amazing and I loved everyone’s questions at the end.  You guys have made me feel so loved!

Also, yes, I have gotten your e-mails…probably.  I’m a little surprised how many of you had questions and wonderful things to tell me.

I am worst pony.  I’m swamped trying to pitch a TV show.  The first pitch meeting is tomorrow at 10AM.  I’ve had to spend the past several weeks putting my materials together and writing and rewriting a lot of small details.

I’m so touched that some of you have e-mailed me.  I swear I want to be able to sit down and write a thoughtful response back.  No, I don’t hate you.  No, nobody said anything stupid or did anything wrong.  I’m just at a critical point of my life and career.  All of you were super cool and awesome.  I’ll get back to you soon!


-Iambic Hexameter

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  1. Bookish Delight |

    Thanks for posting ths update! I figured it was something along those lines. It’s cool, work makes me terrible at super-timely correspondence too. :)

    It’s a week past, but I hope your show pitching goes/went well. Best of luck out there!

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