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The Depression Well where Writing Goes to Die

Depression is hard, but I’ve always bounced back, but this time I’m not.  And I think the problem is in an odd spot.  I don’t think I believe in God anymore…  So that’s a thing.  I don’t really think it’s much of an issue to go from religious to agnostic.  You can believe that God is in Heaven, and all is right with the world regardless of if you’re gay or eat shellfish.  If the religion is ignorant, contradictory, or hates you, then you’re just like “Yeah, I don’t believe in that part.”  In fact, being agnostic can be quite freeing.  Though when you’re raised with a religion, it’s hard to fully escape.  I often just felt like a shitty Muslim that God hated.

Shit.  Is this the part where we bow down to our God.  Sorry guys. I'm terrible at Islam.

Oh, is this the part where we bow down to our God? Sorry, guys, I’m terrible at Islam.

I’ve been transitioning into straight up atheism, and this is a problem for me.  There is no God. You have no consequence. There’s no magic in the world.  I think the last one has been the hardest for me to accept.

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I parted ways with a friend awhile back.  I was her friend because I was drawn by her clear talent.  Sometimes I check in on her work.  I’m surprised to go “Wow, with all of your talent this is all you could do?”

"STFU ropes are hard."

“STFU ropes are hard.”

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